A Month To Remember…

What an incredibly eventful month! My son Evan was born, it was my 5th Wedding Anniversary and Donald Trump was elected as president of the United States. It has not been light, I’ve tried to find time to do some editing and my friend Thomas, who is changing jobs has kindly accommodated me to do some more reviewing of chapters in the meantime. Thank you Thomas!

It’s a mini break at the moment whilst I try to absorb everything that’s happened and the engines are warming up for another round of chapter editing. I’ve also hit the gym. Life changing events do that, they change your life and aching all over isn’t a consequence of sleep deprivation.

As an author with lots of responsibilities outside of writing, I often worry I won’t finish or I can’t work as fast as others, or be as engaged on social media. Sometimes I want to stop and the supposedly dreaded lull takes over for a short while. Stopping is fine, it’s healthy and to stop is to take a breather from obsessing, building that urge once more to get stuck in and finish the project. So I read, or I work out, or play with my kids, thinking about editing and when I’ll start doing so again.

Book two is already in my mind, it’s been there for a while now and I know exactly what is going to happen, or so I think. It’s going to be an interesting journey, because things change, people change and the world changes constantly. This year is testament to that fact. 

I am looking forward to a proper family break at Christmas. Although my parents can’t make it over, we live in the age of communication where camera’s will be fully charged and deployed, creating a family oriented experience of some sort. I often reflect at Christmas and despite all the positive and negative things that happen in life, I can’t have any regrets because I would not specifically have  these two lovely little kids if I changed anything, and for their sake’s I would go through it all again.

The universe balances out those dark times with positive ones. I can’t speak for everyone as it’s not accurate to do so, but I do know there is always hope when you least expect it and recalling those times of personal struggle keeps me earthbound.



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