A Most Epic Failure can be a Great Success

You can be rubbish at something and great at the same time.  How is it possible?
I couldn’t sleep a few nights ago and as usual random thoughts persisted, including a comedy routine out of nowhere.  I ended cheering myself up, not because of the routine, but because of an epic failure that always has the desired effect of making me smile.Golf

It was a beautiful summers day in England.  Me, my best friend and his brothers decided we’d do a round of ‘Pitch ‘n Putt’ at a nearby golf course.  For those unfamiliar with ‘Pitch ‘n Putt,’ it’s a golf game for beginners with the basic tools.

Normally, you’d have a whole bunch of golf clubs for hitting the ball various distances, but in ‘Pitch ‘n Putt,’ you use a ‘pitching wedge’ for hitting the ball through the air along a short course, and a ‘putter’ for hitting the ball along the ground when close to the hole.

I was pretty bad at it, the worst, probably still am and always will be, but I never gave up, I was happy to be in good company outdoors and the weather was perfect!

So my ball’s stuck behind a tree, maybe two metres away from the trunk and I gotta somehow get it around the tree onto the green.  Everyone’s watching and casually waiting as I take a few practice swings to measure the distance.  I never raise the club too high because I’ll probably miss; but I need some power because I’m gonna drive this thing over it.

It’s possible to get the ball over the top of the tree if I can slice the club underneath for some height and in my mind, I’m pretty confident this will work.  So I’m ready and I take the shot.

Unsurprisingly, it hits the tree, but more miraculously than that, it rebounds to smack my best friend right between the eyes, knocking him backwards.

I’m shocked as he collapses on the floor, but not in pain, in complete fits of laughter and his brothers are holding their stomachs, unable to stand any longer, marveling that only I could do something like that.

Tells you a little bit about me I guess and this memory serves as a reference point, a mechanism, a way of coping with any challenge because it always inspires me to laugh whenever I think about it.

Can I be the only one with a memory like this, a magical moment in time that’s entertaining again and again.  No way!!

So something you are bad at CAN be a great success, so long as no-one gets hurt.  Please share your story and what inspires you to smile.



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