Additional Update: July

What’s been happening since the last update?

Editing: Done some editing on chapter ten of my novel and housekeeping on my blog after noticing it wasn’t working on Mobile. Also submitted an excerpt from chapter 8 for the Singapore Writers Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Romance meeting this coming Thursday (14th). I look forward to giving and receiving constructive critical feedback.

Leisure: Toyed this week with the idea of getting Total War: Warhammer for PC, being a huge 40k fan (Horus Heresy specifically) and strategy fan. If I do that, bye bye book editing, two years plus of hard graft invested in a story I’m passionate about. So the game will have to wait because if I start, I may not stop for some time.

On that note, for anyone familiar with Guild Wars 2, I have a warrior with a Legendary Hammer (Juggernaut) and ascended armour.  So you can imagine the time I spent playing before committing to this story. I even bought the expansion (Heart of Thorns) but never tried it, because I was writing at the time, and I still am.  When you are writing and if you are serious, games mostly take a back seat (Although I have downloaded Talisman: The Horus Heresy from the app store – for moments when I need a quick break).

Family: For anyone with young children, my daughter loves Endless Alphabet, which I recently purchased on the iPad. I highly recommend it to parents with kids learning about letters and how to spell.  The letters make phonetic sounds and have animation, it’s pretty cool!




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