An Immersive Reading Experience

Why don’t music and books go hand in hand like music and film?  Scenes in a film are totally predetermined by the Director and scenes in books are also predetermined to a point, except you direct in your mind what the characters and the environment look like, guided by the author.
ClefConsider if you will, listening to specific genres of music when reading, immersing yourself in the moment and enhancing the power to imagine and create an even more vivid scene in your mind.

As often as possible when reading, I listen to Original Soundtracks (OST’s) that trap me like a vortex, words take form becoming feelings and sometimes, so powerful is the emotional attachment, it’s as if the book is stuck to my body and the words are absorbed through my skin affecting my breathing.

If you’re reading a horror story, listen to a horror OST such as The Conjuring, Insidious or Dark Skies. Reading a spy thriller, try The Bourne Supremacy or for fantasy, something Epic like John Carter, Laurence Rosenthal’s Clash of the Titans or Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings. If you want action, Mad Max: Fury Road is perfect.

Don’t pick something too familiar, experiment and find something related to the genre but unfamiliar to you.  Listen to a short excerpt and decide if it will be a good fit for the mood of your read, create a playlist and read on.  If it works, how do you feel?  Does it enhance your experience?

Perhaps an idea (hypothetically) would be for Goodreads to partner with Spotify and an authority on soundtracks to pick a few ideas for some of the books they’ve read as recommended listening (by chapter or page range).  Although it’s subjective, there’s every reason to give it a go, as the experience might pay off.

I’d really like to know if listening to OST’s creates a more immersive dimension for you?  Give it a try when you feel like it and let me know how it went.



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