An Unfortunate Lull

I had a few weeks break recently though not intentionally, as I needed to prepare a presentation for a work event overseas.  It took some time to prepare, everything had to be perfect for the discussion and though it wasn’t related to writing, it did have some creative elements to get my point across.
LullAt first, it seemed to be an unfortunate lull in my writing with no chance to gather with writing aficionado’s, also my blog felt neglected, but actually, a lull can be healthy.

When I wrote music for games, the same could be said that a long break was helpful and Just like a game, we each have an energy bar of inspiration.  The more frequently you try to be creative, the faster the inspiration bar reduces and eventually runs out, thus writers block ensues (for a composer too). The bar of inspiration needs recharging and I’m sure there are many who would agree.

The truth is, I didn’t want a lull, I wanted to work on my book all the time and get through editing the chapters as quickly as possible using any precious spare time I had, with my ultimate plan to take myself seriously, work with the writers group and see how things develop from there.

The benefit of lull is a fresh set of eyes for writing and in the case of music, ears. I would write some melodies in the evening, leave them overnight and listen again in the morning to see if what I’d written was worth its salt, or needed discarding.  I had many moments when I thought a melody was worth developing the evening before, but listening the next day, it wasn’t as inspiring as I’d thought.

Sleeping on something is the best way to be sure what you have is good, which could explain perpetual editing of a story.  As you read more, your ideas evolve, a walk in the park is thinking time, a good night’s sleep unravels all the hidden semantics opening your mind like a flower, becoming more beautiful as you evolve and grow.

So that lull could be massively beneficial after resting your mind, reviving inspiration and like a greyhound, you can’t wait to get editing again, it’s a joy and it was the same with music.  Once a solid idea gave me the gut feeling it was good, it wrote itself.

If you feel impatient wishing you were working on your passion, just relax, take a breather, it’s not going anywhere and the time will come.



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