Are You Sitting Comfortably‏

Going beyond the ‘Comfort Zone’ can be a struggle at times.  Perhaps a fear of failure, criticism or the unknown holds us back, self-perception mostly, who we are, what limits we’re willing to tolerate? Any fear can affect perception, you can’t think straight or concentrate, heart thumping in your head and there’s no room for rational thinking. IMG_2114 This leaves me wondering, why are some people mentally stronger than others, for example, easily able to present to an audience that some don’t feel comfortable doing?

Perhaps has some of the answers. Can I train myself to improve in some of these?  Do I need to focus on the areas I relate to and work out the best methods to improve each one? How do I become mentally strong enough to tackle any and every challenge?

I will definitely need to step outside of my comfort zone, ignoring the knots in my stomach and that’s just the beginning. Brené Brown gives an interesting TED talk on the subject of vulnerability here, and talks about her own experiences, how showing your vulnerable side is not a weakness, but a strength. To be vulnerable is to be endearing. If someone judges you weak when you appear vulnerable, it is they who are insecure, afraid to reveal their own vulnerabilities, because it is impossible to live a life without balance; we laugh we cry, we’re happy we’re sad, we’re strong we’re vulnerable, we give up we fight on… and the list goes on.

Perhaps I need ‘Optimal Anxiety,’ as explained in to incrementally push myself, but not too fast of course. Small or large steps, the goal is the same and it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

I always see so much potential in others and I wonder what holds them back from all the possibilities, but then I look at myself and ask the same question. There are many answers online, and there will be one that suits me for sure, so long as I keep asking the question, ‘what can I do?’

So, what can you do?



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