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I am a composer and writer based in Singapore, living with my wife and daughter.

The Writing and Editing journey So Far…

Keeping things simple, I’m going to use these pens whenever I write about writing.

So I’ve been editing now for probably six months and I never realized, until I took it seriously, how much I’d learn or how difficult it would be.  I’m still considering a professional Editor once I feel I’ve edited my book ‘The Dark Room,’ to the best of my ability.
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Time for Cake?

Cake. I love cake. Sweet treats are one thing but cake; the moist sponge, the smooth silky texture, the icing and perhaps a tangy sweet tasty topping. If you’re really indulging, there might be a gooey surprise in the middle, revealed when you’ve already teased your tastebuds, satisfied your palette, tickled the roof of your mouth heightening your pleasure even more. It’s a luxury.
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