Disgracefully Passionate

You don’t need to have anything in particular to be passionate about something.  It’s a feeling, it comes naturally, it’s in your heart and even if you’re not particularly good at what you’re passionate about, it doesn’t matter, it’s what you love.
Disgracefully passionate
Perhaps you’re lucky and get to do what you enjoy for a living.  If you don’t, hopefully you can find the time to follow your passion and make the world more delightful in your pursuit of happiness.

I work in an office environment where people liaise with people, work on computers and dress the same because it’s expected.  Sounds boring right?  But if I delve a little deeper, my eyes sparkle and I get excited when I learn someone has a hidden talent, or something they’re passionate about.  It’s also usually something I can’t do.

What I’m passionate about is people.  I love taking an interest in others, hearing their stories and the likelihood is that they have a hidden talent or passion no-one else is aware of.

Artists always make me envious, because I can’t draw or paint anything despite conjuring creative images in my head, or hallucinating when I wake from a deep sleep.  I wish I could cook, but I can’t without instruction and nowhere near as well as some amateur ‘chefs’ I know.  I can’t make things with my hands like a Carpenter, I know nothing much about cars and motorbikes and I can only speak one language.

I work with Asian colleagues who sometimes apologize for poor English, but for the love of God their English is better than my Japanese, Mandarin and Korean (I embarrassingly know no Japanese, Mandarin or Korean) so they have nothing to apologize for.  I respect each of them for the ability to speak two languages alone.

Everyone I know (and don’t know) is good at something, has knowledge that I don’t on a subject that’s important to them and probably interesting to me.  This takes me back to embracing diversity and respecting people from different backgrounds.  I like to be consistent.

Sadly, Planet Earth lost David Bowie a few days ago and I was lucky to see him perform live once at a charity gig.  He was always a bit quirky, never weird (my point of view) and unique in that there was no-one like him.  There never will be another considering the era and if he hadn’t been famous, some passions would never have been ignited.

Next time you look at someone, see their passionate side as disgraceful as that sounds.  You’ll be surprised and learn something you never knew, about someone you thought you knew.

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