Embrace Diversity in 2016

Diversity is as important as breathing, as beautiful as falling in love and as crucial as living each day learning, self-reflecting, accepting and respecting how different we are from one another.
picture 2016
Embracing diversity will not affect you in any way negatively, it’s what we are by the hand of nature and you don’t have to look for it, it will always be there and nobody can change what already is.

I am talking about people.  Regular, normal people that represent diversity, meaning all of us, you, me, everyone.

If you can embrace the diversity of our planet and remove the urge to judge, accepting what is, what do you think will happen?  Nothing will happen, the world will remain the same and your life will be no different to how it is now.  All you’ve done is open the door to accepting the beauty of the world and you’ll be better for it.  Race, gender or LGBT, people are people.

Now imagine you, me, everyone  is walking around in a bubble visible to the eye.  The size of the bubble represents your comfort zone, your freedoms, your prejudices, your strengths and your acceptance of diversity.

Your bubble is also limited by other people; their views and opinions on you, your views and opinions on them.  You want to expand your bubble and be lifted above those whose bubbles hold them down and in turn hold you down.

It takes courage.  Individuals with negative views that have negative outcomes on others need your sphere of influence and your courage to promote diversity to change and grow.

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.  What do you believe?  If you are ready to expand the bubble that represents your life, your views and you want to grow, to live, to love and be more accepting of a beautifully diverse world embracing it as it is, you have passed one of many tests and have one less existing  worldly attribute to be concerned about.  I wish you a diverse 2016!

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