Happy Belated New Year, Christmas and January

My daughter likes apples

Let’s get to it! What’s Happening?

In November and December 2016, I went through a patch of utter lethargy for a number of reasons, including those of a personal nature, or as I like to call it, ‘new baby duty.’

I enjoy to do my part and participate as much as I can, feeding, changing nappies, tolerating the Mother Goose Club and praying for a spare moment to do some sort of useful editing listening to dark mood soundtracks, whilst people dressed as  teddy bears dance in the background on TV (breath).

With two children including a toddler of two (not really a toddler but a maniacal sun-mass of energy) and a nearly three month old baby, energy and ‘me’ time is priceless.

The words ‘dada dada dada’ ring in my ears and compliance leads to ‘dada dance!,’ which leads to ‘MTV.’  I proceed to swing my little girl around like hell’s bells resulting in a fit of giggles, so it’s not all bad.

Singapore Writers’ Group

The local writers group has been excellent, and when I say local writers group, I mean the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance segment (the only segment I attend). We have mutual respect, fairness and plenty of laughter carrying us into the evening discussing each other’s work and providing feedback. I like to add notes in-text and highlight my feedback, along with additional notes at the foot, and I always try to send prior to the meeting. Everyone has their own way of providing feedback, there is no hard fast rule.

It’s critical for anyone aspiring to be a writer to attend these groups. Even if you are busy, make time. It’s important because it serves not only to get critical feedback and meet like-minded people. It is also symbolic of your determination as a writer and you will evolve faster.

The Dark Room

My book, The Dark Room is coming along as I would like it to albeit slowly. Chapter 23/25 is being edited right now, it takes me a few weeks to edit a chapter. This is because evening editing is not the same as morning editing, but in the morning I am at work (Mon to Fri).

I would say that for draft 2/3, Chapters  15 onward are at a competent standard that I am quite happy with, meaning I have to go back and re-do the 2nd draft edit for chapters 1 to 14. It is okay, because I do not want to take short cuts or write something that I would not enjoy to read myself.

My friend, Thomas (not the same Thomas in the story) has been a great motivation, providing critical feedback for all the chapters. My plan is to utilize the feedback for draft 3, starting most likely in March 2017. It’s a drawn out process, but necessary if you are serious about being an author, and editing takes longer then writing. Persistence is key as the goal remains the same. To get published in some manner.



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