The Dark Room – By Simon Lloyd

Thomas Springleaf is headhunted by Grigori Quackenbush to work for the Gaia Corporation. Powerful, wealthy, Eco-friendly and humanitarian, Gaia has all the trappings for an ambitious young graduate fresh out of University.

Thomas is happy in his job until he is caught in the middle of a terror attack on London and the brilliant mathematician he is working with takes his own life. 

An ancient and mythical cult have been planning their revenge against mankind for centuries and under a guise of legitimacy, this is their best chance yet, except for a betrayal at Pompeii set them on a path of war with a Roman Emperor who will do everything in his power to stop them.

  • She was short, haggard and ancient looking, a grey bun sat atop her head and wrinkles hung all over her face like an orgy of naked mole rats huddled together. 
  • His head shifted again, ears keen when he heard the distant tinkle of broken glass, windows breaking. An alarm was triggered and Thomas pushed himself to his feet holding the paper, pausing to try and see what was going on. He heard it again, glass smashing, something was up.
  • It was pitch black outside and after a cautious step, motion sensors triggered several lights revealing an enormous glass window stretching from floor to ceiling and horizontally from wall to wall. 
  • Thomas sucked in a mouthful of oxygen and screamed. There was nothing he could do against the dull crack of his own fracturing bones filling his ears, and he winced in agony at every snap that followed. The yanking was relentless, tears fell cold on his skin as his frame was shattered from the inside. 


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