July 22nd Update

Here’s my July 22nd update on Editing, Leisure and Life..

Editing: Have a shed load of editing to do and am a bit behind following up on feedback from the writers group (Chapter 8) and my colleague/friend came back to me quickly with useful feedback on Chapter 10. Refined and passed him Chapter 11 for critique and have to update my spreadsheet to go through and check everyone’s comments on prior chapters. Chapter 11 introduces a new element into the story and hopefully it will surprise my reader. 

Also looking forward to the weekend, wanting to catch up and invest some time in editing Chapter 12. I love listening to music when writing and save my Spotify Weekly Recommendations for those moments, hoping for musical inspiration. Might even try to get a run in if I can, the best reflection time.

Leisure: My leisure in the last week has been twofold. Firstly, I enjoyed the monthly meetup with the Singapore Writers Group and always look forward to their feedback, cross-referencing their comments with my other trusted resources. It’s fun too, never overly serious and honestly, you get to be yourself among like-minded people for a few hours, it’s a good group!  

I highly recommend that anyone wanting to be a writer join a local writing group.  The criticism might be tough at first if you’re not used to it, but it’s there to help you.  If you ever DO get published, you’ve got to get used to criticism, good and bad, it’s part of your development as a writer.

Secondly, I enjoyed getting a new used car (can I say that?) although it wasn’t without incident as you’ll see below.

Family: So, about the new used car. I had a miraculous close shave with disaster when the old car’s fuel pump failed on the hard shoulder of the highway, so with the hazard lights on, I slowly navigated from right to left. Of course, the signature nutcase appeared up my arse failing to understand what hazard lights mean. I couldn’t turn them off because no-one would have known there was a problem and with them on, no-one knows I want to navigate left; Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Pokemon Go equivalent of Frogger!

Anyhow, made it in one piece with my pregnant wife and one year old daughter safe. Thankfully, an LTA cop rolled up and asked if I’d broken down, quickly calling in a tow truck to take me to the nearest car park. I then called in the AA to tow me to a workshop, I was quite impressed honestly. Could it get worse?

On the way to the workshop, we saw three accidents on the highway and I traded my car in the day before for another, meaning I needed to get it fixed pronto before the swap. So I knew I’d done something wrong in this life or the last!

We have a car the size of a tank now, so anyone ignoring my hazard lights can do so at their own peril, though I’d prefer not to have to use them at this point.  

Have a nice weekend!



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