Music was my first love…..

A couple of months without an update can only mean one of two things. Either I’ve been too busy or too lazy, and it’s a bit of both with some forgetfulness thrown in somewhere. So technically one of three things or two of three or all three or whatever!

Writing music and FX for a videogame

So I’m working on music for this Switch game… Yeah, I said Switch game, with the book, a full time job and two small children and yeah, it’s exciting, there’s a lot to do and I’m quite concerned about it.

I’m committed to my job, I’m committed to my family, I’m committed to my book and I’m committed to the game. I’m pretty committed!

I’m also working on the sound effects for the game, I’d done a lot of this some time back and a lot of the tracks are there already too. So now it needs a killer title track, for which I am searching the annals of my subconscious for.

I’ve been tasked with approx. 130+ sounds including music by November, the launch date and worked out I need to complete five items a week to hit the schedule and I’m a little behind to say the least.

I had an idea for the title track and decided it wasn’t good enough, so I’m saving it for the credits. The FX themselves are ad-hoc, with my kids demanding a lot and some sleepless nights taking care, I work on what I feel like working on. So what’s it like writing sound FX for a game?

It’s really hard work!


You need a massive library of sounds and you need to go through all of them to determine which will work well for which requirements, and then you have to combine them, add effects and experiment until you are happy. You then have to mix it and export it as a small .wav file so the programmers can add it to the game.

So that’s it, except it can be tedious and tiring going through the sounds. Writing music is more fun of course, because it’s melodic. SFX can be melodic too at times.

My head and heart has been in the book for so long that I’ve switched off the music part of my brain and now I’m switching it back on. It takes time.

I used to go to sleep at night with virtuoso violin playing at breakneck speed in my head and all of the music was melodic. It’s as if I need to teach my brain to sing again.

What about the book?

The book is going strong. I am up to draft 3, chapter 10, working on this daily before I start my full time job in the morning. I can’t write music/SFX in the morning, so I work on my story instead, which suits me perfectly because I love both writing and composing.


I feel very lucky and I am lucky. I can’t take for granted these wonderful opportunities to do something I always dreamed of. Now it has to happen and there’s only one way I can do that.

Thanks for listening,


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