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The game is progressing (see here), I’m creating new SFX and getting music mixed. The book is also progressing; I’m up to Chapter 18 in my third draft edits and this is massive for me, because it means I am long past halfway with seven chapters to go. Once done, I’ll be re-reading to ensure it’s up to scratch then looking for an editor.

I’ve figured out a great way to catch up on reading. I say reading, but it’s actually audiobooks I’m catching up on. I use Audible, I get a credit each month but I’ve not been listening to anything or reading much, so I got another pair of wireless headphones and listen to audiobooks on long runs. The headphones actually broke (again), though fortunately a service center swapped them without me having to give my sad story blurb.  Yay!

Something big did hit quite recently. I learned my mum has breast cancer and I’m the type of person who has this delayed reaction to anything big that happens, so it’s not quite hit me yet what the implications are of this terrible news. Its an invasive cancer and we’re yet to find out what stage it is at. Hopefully, it’s in an early stage that can be fought. I discussed this with my brother and he brought up all the procedures she will have to go through to fight and beat it. It was not nice to think about; her being in the UK with only her husband, but fortunately technology brings us together and she has a lot of supportive friends. I try to talk to her every day because it is so important to keep her spirits lifted as much as possible.

This is a perspective lesson, one of the many we each have to go through. What is really important? It’s not money although it serves as a necessity to survive. Every life changing human experience helps us grow wiser. Family, close friends and helping others is what’s important.

The Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance Writers Group is going well. We have some new faces bringing new perspectives and some good work raising the game of everyone in attendance. It’s certainly helping me with my writing, and I hope it is helping others too. One of the members highlighted a really useful online critique forum It is reciprocal, so you have to give as much as you take, meaning if your critique of someone’s work is 1000 words, then you are entitled to post 1000 words for feedback. It’s a great idea and not for the faint hearted!

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  1. Congrats on the writing milestones! Grind, grind, grind, ay. Hope you had a little celebration when you passed 50%.

    Sorry to hear about your mum, wish her and all the family the best of luck. Funny how phones keep us buried, but also bring us together—glad you’re able to speak as often as you do.

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