Suddenly Too Many Reflections….

A two week vacation has started as well as my blog, and anyone who is familiar with that ‘Christmas feeling,’ will appreciate the stomach relaxing warmth, the satisfaction of actually spending time with family, staying up late, waking up late, eating and drinking what you want and switching your brain to half speed until further notice aka the 4th January.
IMG_1834If it’s mulled wine, spiced hot chocolate, chocolates, chocolate covered pretzels or savoury snacks (and more chocolate) you’ll ensure you do what you want, because New Year is around the corner and like a credit card, you won’t worry about indulging til later when you’ll have to do something about it.  But it’s okay, that’s what Christmas is all about.

In England, where I’m from (Norwich to be precise) it’s always chilly, sometimes snowy, the people are warm and friendly and things generally slow down a bit.  It’s a little like the above.

In Singapore, where I am now and have been for the last eight years, it’s a bit different.

One Christmas Eve a few years back, I had a lasagne outside an Italian restaurant in the most random of places, the temperature was in the low 30’s (centigrade) and I didn’t feel remotely Christmassy.  That was one year the family didn’t get together and perhaps that was why it felt different, because family is essential for Christmas, to feel like Christmas.

I have to give Singapore credit though, they make a grand effort to celebrate with decorative trees in every mall and street decorations adorning the main shopping areas.  The illusion of plastic snow makes you feel a little bit Christmassy and the shops are full on rammed, especially when it’s pelting down outside as fast as Usain Bolt and becomes harder to move inside through the throng.

My parents in their seventies will be arriving in a few days, enough time to do some shopping just before they get here and catch the new Star Wars movie.  My wife is much more organized and finished most of her shopping already (mostly online).

My excuse for my own delay is I’m a man and men are generally a little less organized with a sense of timing reliant on magic elves to make their decisions for them.  When it hits home that there are no magic elves, with reluctance we trudge out to the most convenient shops with no idea what to buy once we arrive, and ‘that’ll do’ becomes the doctrine for a 50/50 decision to buy something I’m not sure ‘will do,’ to be honest.  My wife is a very kind and understanding woman, strong, reliable and tolerant.

So why isn’t Santa a woman?  I guess jolly, fat bearded grandad types are just more ‘cuddly’ or ‘huggable’ without controversy.  My daughter will learn about Santa as I did, so there is also tradition and as parents, we want the same feelings we had as children, for our own children.

This is probably one of the most reflective times of the year for a lot of people and honestly, I was wondering what to write and now I can’t stop thinking of what I could write.  That’s probably enough for a first entry and hopefully at least one person visit my site and know what I’m talking about.  That would make me happy till New Year.


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