The King and I

In the last month, it has been challenging to get as much as I wanted done, although I am now on draft 3 working through chapter 4, there are still 21 chapters to go and I am busy all of the time with work, kids, reading and finding the energy to do some quality edits. But I WILL get there (so will you), the goal remains unchanged.

I did read an excellent book that I would recommend to any would-be author by a master of the art, Stephen King.

Stephen King on Writing : A Memoir of the Craft 10th Anniversary Edition is not only funny and personal, it also reaffirms some of those important rules when writing.

Mr. King writes about removing adverbs, the word ‘was,’ and more besides. These are useful so early in my final edits as I ‘get it,’ and awareness of your own writing style and looking out for ‘laziness’ in descriptions is important. That’s also where critical feedback and reading comes in. How do you know what you don’t know if no-one tells you, or shows you? Learning and finding out is part of evolving and improving. I promise those ‘Eureka’ moments are worth every bit of energy invested.

Another piece of excellent advice from the book,  is how Mr. King manages to read as much as possible including when he’s driving listening to audio books. I don’t have enough time (20 mins) on my journey to listen to audio books in the car, so I adapted this idea to my sleep pattern. In bed, I will read on a tablet until I can’t keep my eyes open, switching to an audio book with my eyes closed. This works beautifully because I’m focusing all of my energy on imagination and can picture more. I can also speed the reading up as needed, x1.5 works nicely for me.

Lastly, I’m now officially taking over the running of the the Sci-Fi Fantasy and Romance writing group in Singapore. It’s an honor to do so, there are amazing writers, wonderful talents and I hope we can all grow and succeed in making some of these fantastic stories to print.

I’m sad to see the previous host leaving. She did a fantastic job, is regular as clockwork, drives the discussions and is creatively talented. I wish her all the best going back to New York and hope our paths cross some time in the future.




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