The Last Three Months and into the New Year

With some disappointment I have not been updating the blog. The last three months were really busy in and outside work, and editing took a backseat.

Time out from editing has been beneficial. It gives a writer the chance to get out of the rut we all get into, evolving, improving and approaching challenges with new perspectives, ideas and hopefully better work. Now I can finally start to dedicate some quality time to editing The Dark Room.


Work project deadlines, music/fx for Turtlepop on the Nintendo Switch in my spare time and a lot of jogging at lunchtimes. A colleague/friend trained for the Singapore Marathon in Dec and we have been running buddies since Jan 2017. Our workplace is in an ideal location with a beautiful park, so 10km lunch runs are irresistible.


More of the same, except the pressure mounted on completing several new tracks and new SFX requirements for the Switch game on top of my full time role (non-game related role with its own deadlines). It’s a challenge and can be fun except when you’re tired, or want to spend some quality time with family. Balance is critical here and editing def took a backseat. I had to get everything wrapped up before December because of a planned three week holiday. The game is due for submission to Nintendo asap for evaluation and a tentative release date (Q1 2018).


Yay! Christmas month! We’d arranged a trip to visit my parents in the UK between the 8th and 29th December, so it was critical I wrap up all fx and music (including mixing) prior to the trip. My mum also had a successful cancer op. She will need radiotherapy only in the New Year (relieved!). My bro turned up giving mum a boost. Dec was truly a family affair!

Byfords of Holt in Norfolk during Christmas


The month has just begun and I am really fired up for writing/editing and completing this story I’ve been working on for some time now.  Moving house soon. Jan 2018 brings new beginnings and opportunities.

I would like to wish friends, family and others a prosperous new year and may it give you the motivation to succeed and achieve something you are longing to do.

Best wishes,

Sifi 🙂

Me and my family all looking a bit daft.

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