The Writing and Editing journey So Far…

Keeping things simple, I’m going to use these pens whenever I write about writing.

So I’ve been editing now for probably six months and I never realized, until I took it seriously, how much I’d learn or how difficult it would be.  I’m still considering a professional Editor once I feel I’ve edited my book ‘The Dark Room,’ to the best of my ability.

To me, the most powerful tools during this process is a fresh set of eyes and an ongoing education, or put simply, reading books in your genre when you have time, getting feedback and going back to your story with a renewed perspective.

sometimes I love editing, sometimes I struggle reading the same chapter over and over and I have to step away for a jog or spend time with my family for a much needed break.

A few years back, I used to play online games, exercise a lot more and vary my activities during recreational time.  I wasn’t making progress on this story because I wasn’t focused, so I changed my priorities and my goals, and here I am happily plugging away only on this in my spare time.

I know I’m not alone, there are lots of people working on their writing projects and I truly admire them for it, because when the gravity hits of how much effort is involved, you appreciate the passion, dedication and belief.

Right now I’d say I’m 80% done, leaving a whopping 20% to go editing, preparing for querying, receiving feedback and possible additions.  I have a colleague and friend providing regular critical feedback, for which I’m extremely grateful and I have no doubt there’s still a long road before I know I’ll be ready with a final draft.

At this point, I’m varying my tasks between editing and researching literary agents and publishers.  I’ll read books from their portfolio’s so I understand more about genre’s they represent, and this will help me focus on agents I’d like to work with when I begin the querying process.

Patience really is a virtue and I wish all authors good luck in their pursuit of success, which to me, is to see your book on a shop shelf:)



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