Time for Cake?

Cake. I love cake. Sweet treats are one thing but cake; the moist sponge, the smooth silky texture, the icing and perhaps a tangy sweet tasty topping. If you’re really indulging, there might be a gooey surprise in the middle, revealed when you’ve already teased your tastebuds, satisfied your palette, tickled the roof of your mouth heightening your pleasure even more. It’s a luxury.
cakeCake is like time. As a child your cake is plain and big, really big, there’s lots of it. As you grow, your cake might get some sprinkles and nuts if you like nuts, or sweets. There might be some flavour added to the sponge; lemon, strawberry, chocolate, or perhaps all three. Your cake might be multi layered with lots of colour, flavour and icing and you are in essence a beautiful, delicious cake.

Adding all these extras to a cake that started out so plain means that time has gone by and you’ve had experiences. As an adult, perhaps your cake is a well-rounded, artistic, aesthetically pleasing, unique and essentially you.

All grown up, your time, your cake, might not all be yours anymore.  You have to divide it among responsibilities, work, friends, family, perhaps children and your own time. You yourself get one slice if you’re lucky and yours needs some TLC, because although it’s rich in flavour, delightful in content and toppings, it’s limited.

What will you do?  Eat it all in one go, wondering where ‘the time’ went? Or take a balanced approach; eat a little now and save some for later to make it even better?

My own slice of cake is very precious. I like to add to it constructively making it more enjoyable for others, so next time round when I take my piece, theirs is even better too and like many, I work full time with a family, so I can’t ‘have my cake and eat it,’ so to speak. That would be selfish.

Cake, like time is a luxury, it’s delicious but it’s limited. Sometimes you might want to wolf it down, other times, you might want to make your cake even more elegant, fascinating, lovely, magnificent and exquisite, thus it becomes more enjoyable to you and everyone else.

To all the cake people just like me, next time you enjoy a slice, imagine it’s your time, your energy, it’s limited and how you appreciate it is important. A famous comedian once said ‘Death or Cake?’  One is inevitable, the other is heavenly but limited, so choose wisely.



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