Writing and Editing – May Update

I really wanted to provide more updates than I have been, but the workload has been pretty intense and the critiquing is in full flow, both the group providing feedback and a colleague/friend volunteering to go through the chapters.

My colleague is taking a completely objective view, which is what I need and he isn’t someone who simply agrees with what I write.  This is critical because friends and family will always give favorable feedback and that’s not ideal when penning a novel.  I also want a fairly equally balanced critique group including both male and female readers for various reasons.

Things are changing constantly in the chapters; chapter one now has background on one of the main characters, which I feel is critical by the time the chapter ends.  Other chapters are being revised, it seems to be a perpetual task and there’s no substitute for taking a break and walking away for a day to give your head a rest.

I wish I could put a deadline on this story, but for a debut it’s the one thing I can’t predict.  The story has to feel right by myself and by others.  I would love to start book two, it’s already planned in my mind; the title and the plot, it’s gonna get real challenging for everyone.

As I write this, there’s been a beautiful sunset over Singapore and if anything will inspire, it’s that, despite the array of buildings in the foreground. Sunset Singapore is a wonderful place to live, I’ve been there since 2008 working full-time and met my wife there.  We now have a beautiful daughter, so I’m pretty much on my toes from dusk till dawn, writing and editing when I can.

There’s a lot to do and I’ll continue focusing on the writing.  I have a holiday abroad coming up soon, so it will be a welcome break from both my job and most likely writing too.  I’ll read more in my chosen genre if I have the time and energy and once I return to Singapore, I’ll be ready to push on to a final draft.

Working on this project is 100% passion, belief and patience.  I truly grasp the effort that goes into writing a book, how long it takes an author to complete and the sheer amount of patience they must apply.  Now it’s nearly time for a break, although I have a few more weeks worth of lunchtime editing at work, which I’m always excited about in the mornings.

I wish I could be a night owl, but it’s quite tough having the energy and consciousness to write in the evenings after waking at 5:45 AM daily.  Such is life, we all have challenges and when you believe hard enough, you can always finds a solution.



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