You deserve a walk in the park

Where does inspiration come from?

There are so many variables; we each have our own experiences, passions, beliefs, values and influences.  Inspiration can come from any one of these, or it can come in a flash and be gone if you’re not quick enough to write it down.

Kent Ridge Park – Singapore


When is your best thinking time or quiet time, when do random thoughts appear and new revelations hit you without trying?

When I’m stuck for ideas or something bothers me, I like to go for a walk or a jog in the park.

I often listen to music (soundtracks) or focus solely on the environment, delving in so far as the outer layers of my brain with only the need to breathe, observe and nothing more.  The thoughts will flow and life’s challenges will unravel, they always do.

I label it my ‘thinking time’ and sometimes I’m so consumed in random thoughts leaping here and there that I forget I’m running, which is a good thing as it is honestly knackering, but truly worth the effort in the end physically and mentally!

The most blissful quiet/thinking time for me, is to sit in my parents conservatory in England during wintertime, looking out at the garden and watching the gentlest snow fall.  With a good book, a hot drink and classical music, my heart rate slows to match the pulse of the universe and I almost stop breathing, it’s so peaceful.

Find your quiet time and stick to it if only for a few weeks and you’ll feel the difference.


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